Autoethnographic Examination of self

The following is an exert from my doctoral thesis, an autoethnographic depiction of my philosophy, and reflects how reflexivity brings the past forward:

I coach with fondness; basketball is my amour, an opportunity to indulge in an interpersonal exchange beyond family yet equal in support and trust. I believe that to coach is to dialogue, to engage in the development of ones charges and ameliorate individual and collective performances, based on principles and values allied to that of a positive contribution to society. As a relatively young and inexperienced coach, I referred to the game of basketball as a three-dimensional dance, a vision of artistry, athleticism and sporting talent across three spheres of play, cognitively challenging, and simultaneously rewarding. Some twenty years removed and a great deal of choreography later, I still believe the dance demands adherence to roles and responsibilities, reflected in our relational conduct, both with self, others, and towards a harmonious being driven by effort. In short, I still wish to coach with the same passion, trust and love for the game that initially drew me to the sidelines.

In employing an autoethnographic approach to the examination of coaching I hope to draw the culture in and prompt introspection as a means of development.

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