Beginning to plan

I coach because I wish to, because I enjoy the task, and because it is who I am. Coaching affords me membership within a familiar culture, access to veiled dreams, lofty aspirations, and the challenge of liberating the flourishing edition of self. I coach so that I may repay my gift to a culture that rescued me, fashioned who I sought to become, and gave confidence to the identity of my coach-self.

As I sit in my makeshift coach’s office, poised and ready to set about the annual task of preseason planning, I consider what I deem to be basketball important. I recall effort a central component of my values and beliefs, both beyond basketball as well as behind. This driving force underpins the very intimate and personalised raison d’être for which I find myself here. Effort of self, the athletes within my charge, and collectively towards assent that we will each be present in every moment. I seek this form of effort in the individual and collective confidence, work rate, and motivations present within the sum total of the team. Returning to my philosophy (earlier posting here) I am comfortable reciting my impetus as a negotiated state of elevation with prolonged and sustained effort towards a personal and culturally agreed direction. It is with this baton that I begin to sketch the latest expansion of my coaching practice.

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